Road Opener Intention Candle

Aloha elixir

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Road Opener Intention Candle
The Road Best Travelled.
Clears the way for creativity and prosperity. This Fire Elixir helps overcome obstacles and facilitate breakthroughs. Unlock your creativity and create new opportunities on your journey.

Our FIRE ELIXIRS are powerful tools that assist you in tapping into your higher self to facilitate positive change. Each handcrafted intention candle creates a frequency reminiscent of the candles name. Every intention candle is charged with over 12 hours of mantras and positive affirmations, and the essences of various quartz crystals, semi-precious stones, and sacred waters. 

The fusion of practical and metaphysical LAAU in one home, our products are created with the intention to encourage self healing, cure emotional and physical ailments, and as a tool to take a path of inspired change. 

Carefully blended with essential oils, semi-precious gemstones (Amazonite, Blue Goldstone), herbs, and fragrance oil


Ingredients: Soy Wax, Semi-Precious gemstones(Goldstone, Amazonite), Eucalyptus Mint essential oil, Road Opener essential oil blend, locally grown white patchouli flower infusion

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