Kihene Tea - grown on the Big Island

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Kihene  Tea - grown on the Big Island
  • Native Hawaiians historically noted that Mamaki has a soothing effect on the nervous system often relieving tension. It works well for irritability and helps relieve stress after a hard day. 
  • Noni tea is brewed from the crushed leaves and fruit of the Noni plant.  The Noni plant is a tropical evergreen that grows naturally throughout the Hawaiian islands.  Historically the Noni plant has been used for medicinal purposes to treat disorders such as high blood pressure, auto-immune dysfunction and chronic pain. However, Noni has been used to treat many other health ailments and used as a daily supplement supporting overall health. Recently the Noni plant is being studied for uses in cancer treatment.
  • Hawaiians used the tea to promote good health, cleanse the body, prevent strokes, diabetes, constipation, and revive the appetite. It was also used to help people with stomach problems, colon and bowel problems, and those with liver complications.  Leaves of Ko’oko’olau are also used as a revitalizing tea to bolster those distressed by general debility. The flowers were used to stimulate appetite and often mixed with the Mamaki leaves to increase potency.

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